Fallen Down (Unfinished)

I find the fabled Mt. Ebott. The one mountain that no one has returned from.
With the sun starting to set, the light being blocked by the towering mountain, I decide to start climbing. After all, I expect to be done my expedition before the sun fully set.
I think about it's title and scoff.
"Yeah right." I cockily think as I start trekking up the mountain. I have a pocket knife with me. If anything starts to give me trouble, I could easily defend myself.
As I approach the mountain-top, I start to see the the land level out.

"This is bizarre, why am I leveling out?" I think to myself, confused.
I start to increase my pace, eager to see what lies at the top. My running gets sloppy, and I trip over a tree root.
I yelp as I lose my balance. My pocket knife goes flying across, to the other side of the peak.
I then realize why nobody returns from this mountain.

I look down to see a massive hole at the top. I then realize that I'm headed directly into said hole.

I'm completely frozen as I fall into the seemingly endless cavern. My body locks up, It has already accepted it's fate.


I hit the ground with a resounding THUD. I lay there, surprised I'm still alive. It's oddly peaceful despite having fallen an extremely long distance. I estimate 200 feet at least.

Minutes pass, my body is still frozen. Suddenly, the pain hits. It flows through my body, radiating like I'd been hit in the back with an anvil. The pain is immense. I almost wish I had died to the fall.

I writhe in agony, wishing for this to eventually pass. I try to grip a part of my body, but it's futile. Everything hurts. Eventually, I pass out from exhaustion and the extreme pain.

- - -

Asriel was wandering the ruins, as he had always did, when he heard a loud thud somewhere. He decides to investigate, and finds a human in a heap in a patch of flowers. He immediately rushes over to tends to her. "She seems to have fallen from above, she has a lot of bruises" Asriel thinks.

He checks for breathing, totally fine, and so is her heart rate. "Ah good, she's ok. I guess I better stay until she wakes up" Asriel mutters.
Some time passes, and Chara starts to wake up.

The Plan (Unfinished)

The plan is simple. I eat a handful of buttercups, and I have Asriel absorb my soul to cross the barrier. Once he's up, he enlists 6 souls to break the barrier, therefore freeing monsterkind.

I head to dad's garden. I know that he has buttercups there, and he's off somewhere else.
I locate the buttercups and start picking 5 of them. Unfortunately my hands start to blister as I pick them. I neglected to have any protection for my hands. I'm already starting to regret that.
I hold the buttercups in my palm, admiring the beauty of the flowers. Dad really knows how to cultivate a garden.
"Enough stalling" I think. Time to put this plan in action.

With one swift movement, I consume 5 of the flowers. My taste buds are immediately bombarded by a horrible taste. My mouth starts blistering, but I am determined to make this plan come to fruition. I choke them down. A feeling of uneasiness sweeps through me as it goes down. 
"All part of the plan" I mutter under my breath.

I start to walk home, Azzie and Mom are probably wondering where I am. Azzy doesn't know yet, but I intend to make these last days as best as I can for him. I don't want him to suffer. I probably should've thought of something different, but I've gone past the point of no return. I swallow hard, realizing what I've done.

I clench my blistering hands into fists, and punch the ground. I get up and start walking home. I can already feel my stomach ache.

I get home and collapse on my bed. I wonder how much time I have left. I can feel myself passing out, and let the darkness take me.

My dreams that night, were strange to say the least. I was back on the surface with Asriel. we were driving down a city at night, the streets lit up with a neon hue, and with a slow r&b song playing through the radio.

Nothing feels better than this
Nothing feels better, oh no
We don't gotta hide, this is what you like

This was true paradise. My soul was put to ease, as we cruised through the sights of the city, bustling while also peaceful late at night. Both of us holding hands, it felt so intensely euphoric. I want this to last forever.

The dream starts to fade. I start panicking, but I keep a calm outside to not frighten Asriel. The last thing I can make out is the car reaching a destination somewhere. I cant make out any other details. Asriel turns to me, and the dream ends.

I wake up in a cold sweat, with Asriel at my bedside. I panic, wondering if I was talking in my sleep. 
"Are you okay Chara?" Asriel asks, hand on my forehead. "You're feeling a bit hot"

Broken Barriers (Unfinished)

(A/N) Apologies, this chapter is heavily ripped from the game itself.

"I always was a crybaby, wasn't I, Chara?"
Asriel says, teary eyed. He continues, trying to hold back tears.
"I'm sorry, I know you're not Chara. Chara's been gone for a long time..."
Chara, deep in Frisk's soul, feels like she got punched in the gut.
"Not for long" she thinks.

Asriel turns his head to the side.
Um, actually, what IS your name?
"My name is Frisk." he replies.
"That's... A nice name" Asriel and Frisk chuckle at his awkward response.

"I haven't felt like this for a long time. As a flower, I was souless, I lacked the power to love other people." Asriel says. "Sounds about right" Frisk thinks to himself.
Frisk... I-I understand if you can't forgive me. I understand if you hate me.  I hurt so many people, I even tried to kill you, SEVERAL TIMES... I acted so strange and horrible. I've even killed my own dad.
You remember that, don't you?"

Frisk nods.
"There's no way you can forgive me"
Asriel replies, starting to break down in tears.

Frisk contemplates. He then replies.
"It doesn't matter, you didn't even have a soul, what else were you supposed to do?" Frisk replies.
"W-What? Come on, Frisk." Asriel says, laughing. "You're gonna make me cry again."
"Besides, even if you do forgive me, I can't stay like this forever. I have souls to return." Asriel goes on...

"But first, I have a job to do. Right now, I feel everyone's hearts beating as one. They're all burning with the same desire; to escape the underground. With everyone's power, I can break the barrier to finally set everyone free."

Asriel floats into the air, With the 6 human souls and the souls of every monster in the underground, he breaks the barrier.
He descends back to the ground, and turns to Frisk.

"I have to go now" Asriel says solemnly. "Without the souls, I can't maintain this form. I'll eventually turn back into a flower. I'll stop being myself, I'll stop being able to love again. So it's best if you just forget about me ok? Be with the people who love you." Asriel starts to cry again.

Frisk goes to hug Asriel, shocked by this, Asriel freezes, but returns the hug.
"Ha... Ha... I don't want to let go" Asriel chokes on his words.
Frisk backs away to face Asriel.
"Frisk... You're going to do a great job, ok? No matter what you do, everyone will be there for you"
"Well, my times running out, goodbye."
Asriel turns to walk away, but stops, and turns back to face Frisk.
"By the way... Take care of Mom and Dad for me, OK?"
Frisk nods, smiling, and gives Asriel a thumbs up.
Asriel goes to walk away, and Frisk blacks out.
He then wakes up, surrounded by Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Asgore. They talk, and Frisk goes to the ruins one last time. He has his plan, and is going to put it into action.
Chara watches, eager for the end result.


Walking all the way through the underground, retracing my steps, was surreal. I'd come so far from when I'd first fallen down.
Walking back through the forest, I encounter the ruins' exit. The door was wide open, makes sense. No monsters was around. It gave me flashbacks to a previous timeline, where my curiosity got the best of me. I walk up to the gate to the flowerbed, where I first fell. I notice Asriel, tending to the flowers.

"You know I can't come back, right?" Asriel says somberly. "I don't want to break their hearts all over again, it's best if you forget about me, OK?"
I smile, and say "I have a plan to bring you back to your normal self." 
Asriel stand there stunned, he begins to speak, but I cut him off. "...And Chara"
Asriel's eyes go wide. He starts tearing up, and replies with just one sentence.
"I really hope you know what you're doing"



It had been about a week since Asriel broke the barrier. The night we left the underground was filled excitement and hope. Since then, Asgore has been negotiating with the humans, and they have agreed to build infrastructure to accommodate us. While that is sorted out, we were given equipment to set up camp a little ways away from the barrier's entrance.
We were all sitting around a bonfire, as we had been doing for the past couple days since we left the Underground.

All I could think about was the plan. I have it figured out, and tonight I'm going to propose this idea to Alphys.
I shuffle over to her, and ask if we can speak in private for a minute.

"Ok, so I've figured out a way to return the flower you resurrected with DETERMINATION." I ask
"The son of Asgore and Toriel, right? I've heard about the story" Alphys replies.
"I've figured out how to bring them back, but I need your help. Follow me."

As we walk back to the barrier, I explain my plan.
"So what I have planned, is to create another DETERMINATION soul, using one of the 6 souls as a vessel. I donate my soul's DETERMINATION, and then use it to resurrect the first fallen human. She is buried in the ruins, so it should be as easy as using the power of the new soul to resurrect her.

For Asriel, it's going to be a bit difficult, but I'm sure we can do it. We need a monster soul, although I'm not sure where we'd source one from."
"I-I have one or two monster souls that I injected with DETERMINATION, but only just enough that was needed to make it persist after death." Alphys chimes in.
"Ok, awesome. Next, we're going to use another human soul along with a monster soul, and I'll donate the remaining DETERMINATION from my soul to fill the vessel."
"Alright, let's take the human souls to the lab and we can begin."
We get to the lab, and begin discussing plans, since I'm going to have to be put under so the DT Extractor can function properly.
"For these soul vessels, what souls should we use? Keep in mind that the vessel's soul trait will be present afterwards." Alphys asks.
"I would think a kindness vessel for Chara. She hated humanity, and that's how she ended up in the Underground. A kindness vessel would most likely be able to suppress her hatred.
As for Asriel, I would think that a patience vessel would suit him the best. After all, wouldn't everyone be better off with a bit more patience and tolerance?"
"Alright, I will drain those human souls, and replace them with determination, while combining the extra monster soul for Asriel's new sou-" Alphys stops, and turns around to face me. "W-Wait, what about you Frisk? You said to drain half of your DETERMINATION for one soul and half for the other! You can't survive without any DETERMINATION in your soul!"
I pause for a moment. "I honestly wasnt planning on bringing them both back without sacrificing myself. I had decided in my mind that I would rather have Asgore and Toriel be able to see their real children again, instead of just me being left behind."

B-But you freed us by breaking the barri-" I cut Alphys off.
"No, I didn't free you guys, Asriel did. He took all the human souls, and all the souls of the monsters in the Underground, and used them to break the barrier." All I did was save him. And I want to save him for good this time, along with Chara. Their souls are connected as one after Asriel absorbed Chara's soul. They complete each other. I-I just want to see everyone happy again. I just want to restore the Dreemurrs to what they were before Chara died. At this point, I could care less about my own life."
Everything is silent. I honestly wasn't expecting that to come out.
Alphys then replies. "I know a way. Use the DT Extraction Machine to extract enough DETERMINATION to stabilize your soul. You don't have to go this way..."
"If you can figure out a way, go ahead. I just want them to be back."

- - -

Preparation continues, and the DT Extractor is fired up. This time, Alphys doesn't need the blueprints. Frisk is placed inside the machine, and the procedure begins. DETERMINATION is extracted from Frisk's soul, and infused into the empty Patience and Kindness vessels. The leftover Patience and Kindness is stored in specially made containers.
The Monster soul is then absorbed into the Patience-DETERMINATION soul, to create Asriel's new soul.
And with both the Patience-DETERMINATION soul and the Kindness-DETERMINATION soul complete, the DETERMINATION in the remaining souls is extracted, to then fill Frisk's soul to stabilize it.
Success. Frisk is now stable, and there are now 2 new souls. "This is really happening" Alphys thought. She looks over at the clock. The time is 2:47 AM, and she is dead tired after all that has occured.

(A/N. 2/6 parts so far have been published, with many more on the way. stay tuned!)
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